Sunrunner Logistics | Why Sunrunner?
Quality / Reliability / unmatched Equipment Availability
LTL, Truckload, Teams, Show Freight, Haz Mat, Refers, Flatbeds, Stepdecks, Double Drops, Oversize loads, Guaranteed Expedite Service, Fragile Goods, Ground shipping across North America, Cross Border shipping, Across Canada, Overnight partial loads to & from NJ NY PA MA CT
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Why Sunrunner?

Why Sunrunner Logistics?

Why contact several different transportation carriers for different shipping lanes? With Sunrunner, you only have to contact one company that will take care of all of your shipping requirements from start to finish in the most professional and cost effective manner.

We have customers that have been with us since Day One. We have customers that have left and come back. Why? Because they know we deliver more than cargo.

We deliver:


Transportation brokers come and go. But Sunrunner Logistics has a proven track record of providing quality logistics services since 1987. We are licensed, bonded and here to stay.


Sunrunner Logistics has tremendous purchasing and negotiating power. And we use it to reduce our customers’ costs.


We’ve been around this business long enough to know Murphy’s Law is always at work.

  • Trucks can break down.
  • Weather can turn bad.
  • Drivers can become ill.

It’s possible, however, to anticipate, avoid and recover quickly from problems if you have good communication and information.

That’s why we remain in regular contact with our customers, drivers and delivery destinations throughout the lifecycle of a shipment. We verify every aspect at every critical stage – from confirming when the shipment will be ready for pickup to determining whether an appointment is needed for delivery.

This double-check system helps protect our customers from delays, surprises and additional charges.


We stand behind our work. And our word. Ethical and responsible business practices have earned us the customer trust and loyalty we enjoy today.


Contact us today, or ask for a no obligation quote.